more likely to help me find a game.

by contactlensepoker

Smile and treat the matter lightly – almost as a joke. I find that if my query is too serious, folks are scared away from me. By approaching the subject lightly, I lighten up their mood and make them less suspicious. I try to be a likable, easy going fellow. If they like me, they are less likely to be threatened by my question and more likely to help me find a game.marked cards

It’s good if you can couple your request for a poker game with a request for something else that might actually be more in keeping with the mission of the group you’re calling. If, for example, you are a member of a religious organization, ask about services. If it’s a fraternal organization, ask about when they meet and how you might attend to see how they do things. If it’s a union, ask to compare their contract with yours.

That’s what I did. When I called the synagogue I said, on my message that I was looking for two things – a daily service and a poker game. That request for a daily service (that they didn’t have) established my bona fides as a Jew – and made my second request more likely to be listened to and addressed. People are more likely to volunteer information about poker games if they think your request for a game is not at the top of the list of reasons you’re talking with them.

If possible, initiate your request for information about poker by asking for card games in general or card games other than poker. Folks often respond defensively when asked directly about poker specifically. Once you’re in a conversation with them about cards, in general, you will often win them over. It doesn’t usually take me long to build up some trust with a stranger. I once got a lead on a poker game by first asking the fraternal organization if they knew of a bridge game. They said they didn’t, but volunteered that they knew of a poker game, if I was interested. Similarly, I saw a sign for a cribbage tournament at a bar. When I went inside and asked about it and got to talking I quickly learned that there was also a regular “free poker league” at a nearby restaurant. cheat poker